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Here you can request a download of anonymized type-1 database with artificially calculated blood glucose levels. This database is free to use for non-profit, academic research only, but cannot be redistributed freely. Only the URL,, can be redistributed, from where the database can be downloaded.

When publishing any results obtained with this database, you must include the following citations:

We have used a database with diabetes type-1 completely anonymized CGMS profiles, which is available as a part of the SmartCGMS project [1]. This database has been enriched with artificially calculated blood glucose levels [2].

  1. T. Koutny and M. Ubl, "SmartCGMS as a Testbed for a Blood-Glucose Level Prediction and/or Control Challenge with (an FDA-Accepted) Diabetic Patient Simulation", Procedia Computer Science, Volume 177, pp. 354-362, 2020
  2. I. De Falco, A. Della Cioppa, A. Giugliano, A. Marcelli, T. Koutny, M. Krcma, U. Scafuri, E. Tarantino, "A Genetic Programming-based Regression for Extrapolating a Blood Glucose-Dynamics Model from Interstitial Glucose Measurements and their Derivatives", Submitted to the Applied Soft Computing Journal, 2018