This page hosts the documentation of the SmartCGMS software architecture and all of its components.


This page summarizes metrics distributed with the SmartCGMS installation.

Simple metrics

SmartCGMS is distributed with a set of simple, well-known metrics:

  • average error - an average value from all differences
  • maximum error - a maximum value from all differences
  • error at percentile - selects an error (difference) from a given percentile
  • standard deviation (with Bessel correction) - standard deviation calculated from all differences
  • variation (with Bessel correction) - variation calculated from all differences
  • average error plus standard deviation (with Bessel correction) - calculates an average value and standard deviation from all differences and calculate the result as a sum of these two values
  • RMSE - root mean square error from all differences
  • area under ECDF - sums up an area under an ECDF

Advanced metrics

Apart from the simple metric set, the SmartCGMS distribution ships with some more advanced metrics.


Based on:

Crosswalk is a time-ordered metric. We prefer to use this metric as it yields satisfactory results faster, than the common metric set.

Akaike Information Criterion

Based on:

Leal 2010

Based on:

This metric is an implementation of the "Best fit" equation from the above linked paper. However, as all metrics in SmartCGMS are considered distances from the ideal solution, the metric is inverted and the square root is dropped in favour of performance.