This page hosts the documentation of the SmartCGMS software architecture and all of its components.

Release notes

This page summarizes release notes for each of the newer releases.

11. 5. 2023

This is a minor release, that introduces several enhacements and bugfixes.

  • refactored file reader, now it supports the BIGIDEA and D1NAMO datasets
  • implemented fast Xor-Shift* pseudo-random number generator
  • improved pattern prediction learning
  • introduced the scgms::NFilter_Flags::Encapsulated_Model to allow filters and models with the same GUID to co-exist
  • speed-up ODE solvers (required by multi-compartmental discrete models)
  • speed-up the parameter optimizer by introducing lock-free operations in several sections of data
  • support for SmartCGMS scgms library loading in bundled environments (.NET MAUI, Android applications, etc.)

Release notes are available only for newer releases.