This page hosts the documentation of the SmartCGMS software architecture and all of its components.

SDK Structure

Currently, SDK is a .zip with the following content:

  • bin - this directory contains binaries for multiple operating systems
    • Win64
    • MacOS 64
    • Debian 64
    • Android arm64-v8a
    • Android armeabi-v7a
  • sdk - software development kit
    • src\common - header files, runtime SmartCGMS library source code, localization
    • src\console - source code of the console application
    • src\desktop - source code of the desktop application with GUI
    • Native Scripts\*.cpp - scripts for the Native filter, which provide advanced processing of the control and measured signals
    • Native Scripts\*.h - runtime library for the native scripts, which can be used along with the SDK when developing custom filters, models, etc.
    • Examples - examples of custom filters, models, solvers, insulin-pump controlling program, etc.
    • Experimental Setup - pre-defined scenarios for testing e.g.; a custom insulin pump

To develop a custom filter, model, etc., extract the binaries to a standalone folder. Then, create a custom project, which will produce binary to a "filters" sub-folder the that folder, in which you've copied the binaries. The most convinient way to create a new project is to create a copy of one the examples.

Do not forget that without a special license, you are allowed to conduct an academic research only. Commerical use requires a different license and you are obliged to bear all the responsibilities, which arise from the SmartCGMS for delivering any healthcare.