This page hosts the documentation of the SmartCGMS software architecture and all of its components.

The documentation is being updated to acommodate the recent improvements. Please, be patient, we are working on it...

SDK Overview

Currently, SmartCGMS Software Development Kit (SDK) is a .zip, which contains pre-built binaries, partial source and examples. See SDK structure for more details.

Because any practice-feasible solution will run on a low-power device, SmartCGMS uses modern C++ as its main programming language. Nevertheless, to enable interoperativity with other programming languages, it exposes C programming interface. Also, it is possible to use Matlab via dedicated filter.

To achieve a minimum possible difference between prototype, laboratory and practice results, we strongly recommend to develop either a custom filter or a custom, discrete model for the signal processing. This way, your solution will always act the same way regardless of the input signal source - be it a post-mortem replay of a CGM profile, or in-silico model or a live sensor. Other signal-processing methodologies known from the literature are possible to, but they will not minimize the difference between lab and practice without further, non-transparent efforts.